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Pugging Heroic Violet Hold – Pyronys need rolls a Frozen Orb
Written by cd34.

While pugging Heroic Violet Hold, Pyronys decides to need roll the Frozen Orb that dropped. We wanted to reroll on it, but, he left the group almost immediately.

When pugging, this type of thing happens quite often and is quite annoying. On Cho’gall, there are a few guilds that are famous for ninjaing loot. One guild has even been accused of auctioning off the items with the master looter pocketing the cash.

I don’t run instances often, but, it is annoying to lose loot.


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  1. skrike
    February 20th, 2009

    | 2:04 pm

    I dont know why but on my server almost every PuG Ive ever been in need rolls frozen orbs. Ive heard a few comments from players like “this server is so weird” when it happens but it seems to be accepted the everyone just need rolls it.

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