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Level 80
Written by cd34.

After a rather quick grind from 71 to 80, cdthirtyfive hit level 80. It took roughly 4 hours per level from 71 to 75 and about 6 hours per level from 76 to 79. 79 and 80 ended up taking about 8 hours each, probably due to the fact that I don’t have an epic flyer. Almost all of it was soloed with the exception of the occasional group quest. Its amazing how many group quests you can do when you say that you’re Shadow, but, have no problem healing.

Cho’gall seems to have a lack of tanks and healers as almost everyone just wants to DPS. All of the new Death Knights are upset that it is difficult to get into a raiding guild, almost every guild spams trade with requests for Healers and Tanks.

However, I’m a battle healer, though I may run some instances from time to time to get some gear, my main interest is running the battlegrounds. Its been a while since I’ve played battlegrounds on my priest, and after I get to work putting together a few pieces of gear, I’m sure I’ll fall right back into it.

WotLK is much different than BC was as you almost are able to get crafted gear that is only replaced with 25-man Naxx runs. Short of a few items, as soon as you hit 80, you can get crafted gear that exceeds quite a bit of the 5-man and 10-man drops.

It should be fun. Looking forward to getting back on the battlefields.


I’ve spent a bit of time playing around with the talent calculators, and, I think I am going to try this spec as a PvP Battlehealer/occasional PvE healer. That build should give me plenty of flexibility without sacrificing too much. Since I doubt I’ll run much more than a few 5 man instances here or there, some of the holy tree that would be very helpful in 10 man or 25 man was skipped. With the build, there are some tradeoffs.

Improved Divine Spirit is a must for me. Increasing spellpower by 100% of my spirit is just too huge to overlook considering quite a bit of gear now has spirit. Meditation is a must as well — I have healed some AVs at 70 where it was all I could do to drink to 50%, heal some people and try to stay out of the FSR to gain mana. Even with that talent, I found it difficult to heal for extremely heavy battles. Desperate Prayer and Spirit of Redemption are also must-have talents for me. I have died during battlegrounds and we’ve kept the flag during AB or the tower during EOTS a few times.

Serendipity is important because you sometimes overheal someone that is receiving a heal from somewhere else. A Shaman’s chain heal, another priest’s heal or a druid healing can result in a heal easily overhealing someone. Getting 17% of that mana back is worth it. I couldn’t spare another point to get 25%, but, 17% is better than 0% and overheals in battlegrounds happen frequently.

Test of Faith is a talent I haven’t played with, so, that one was an experiment. Coupled with Inspiration, it should give for some interesting changes in the Battlegrounds.

A long time ago, someone once told me that a Holy Battlehealer would never work and said that a Discipline tree was the only way to go. I tried playing somewhat deep into the Discipline tree and ended up with a Holy/Disc build that worked quite well.

Here’s to 80.

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  1. cd34
    February 14th, 2009

    | 8:03 pm

    I’ve done a bit of play with my above build and I am going to move a few points around to see if I can get a little more utility. 3 points on Improved Power World Shield seems a little wasted in the battlegrounds. Moving that allows me to slightly increase my spellpower, increase my mana and give me Circle of Healing.

    As I get a little more gear, I might remove the 5 points on Holy Specialization and put those elsewhere.

    New Build

    I cannot wait for 3.1 when we can have dual specs as then I can have a PvP BattleHealer build along with a PvE Raiding build. I do believe that this build makes some minor tradeoffs, but, I think having Circle of Healing will be worth it.

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