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Written by cd34.

Probably one of the easier achievements to obtain, when I got it, I didn’t really even realize that we were going to earn it. The group I went with was somewhat overgeared, though, cdthirtyfive is still running a few blues and greens but still healing his little undead heart out.

This instance is a pretty decent heroic instance to get started with. Its pretty simple, relatively quick, and you can almost always find someone willing to run it. The gear requirements for this heroic are not that great – its like the RFC of heroics. It’s also very much like Black Morass where the mobs come in 18 waves with the 6th, 12th and 18th wave being a boss. There’s time to drink after the boss and you do drop out of combat after each fight allowing you to drink/eat very quickly. Conjured food is great here since you can be a little more liberal about topping up just in case you get that bad pull or someone pulls aggro or takes a bit more damage than expected.

Probably one of the first ‘special’ achievements you will get.


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