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Mining 375-450
Written by cd34.

Having a number of twinks, and knowing that 3.0.8 fixes the 225/rank 3 mining bug which granted 70 stamina rather than 70 hit points, its time to get from 225 mining to 450 mining.

If you have 225 Mining, to get to 375 mining you can do so with smelting and two zone discoveries/2 lock summons.

175-228 Smelt Mithril
229-230 Mine Mithril/Gold or equip mining gloves and mine Truesilver
230-250 Smelt Truesilver
250-290 Smelt Thorium
291-300 Mine Thorium/Mine Dark Iron
300-315 Smelt Fel Iron
315-325 Mine Fel Iron/Rich Thorium
325-345 Smelt Adamantite
340-350 Mine Adamantite
350-365 Smelt Eternium
366-375 Smelt Felsteel Bars

There are a few places here where the last few levels of smelting are a bit difficult, so, you could equip the mining gloves and get the last 5 levels of each of the smelting levels where you have to do mining. For example, at 340 you could mine adamantite rather than smelt for the 340-345 which takes a lot of adamantite.

If you have WotLK on your twink account, you can skip smelting beyond 345 and just head right over to Northrend to your cobalt nodes, put on your gloves with the +5 mining enchant and mine from 345 through 420. Remember to remove the gloves at 350.

To get past 375, all smelting is grey and mining is required.

Mine Cobalt (and if you’re lucky Rich Cobalt) from 375-420

Mine Saronite from 421-450. You can mine Saronite from 400 on, but, on our realm it is heavily farmed and there are a few Rich Saronite that appear on the above nodes which require 425 mining. Again, equip the gloves at 420 for the Rich Saronite nodes and unequip the gloves to mine normal Saronite.

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  1. cd34
    December 15th, 2008

    | 9:16 am

    From 225-230 is sometimes expensive to smelt. If you have some cheap gloves that are not Bind on Equip, you can get the +5 mining enchant to them and use them to mine Truesilver. This loop includes both Mithril and the rarer Truesilver. If you do not have mining 230, equip the gloves to mine the Truesilver and unequip them when mining the Mithril Ore.

    Mithril and Truesilver

  2. cd34
    December 15th, 2008

    | 4:17 pm

    If you open up the Flight Path at Camp Winterhoof from Vengeance Landing for a bit more Cobalt in areas where there are few mobs that aggro, there are 9 discoveries between the two zones if you walk. Make sure you discover Gjalerhorn which does have a number of spawns.

  3. cd34
    December 17th, 2008

    | 1:07 am

    As I have very little experience to play with on one of my twinks, knowing that I have to do mining from 290-300, I was trying to figure out a way to avoid as many discoveries as possible.

    As it happens, Rich Thorium Veins turn grey at 365. As you have to discover one area in Northrend for the Grand Master Mining trainer. You can also train Master Mining in Northrend and avoid going to the trainer in the Outlands. Near both trainers there are two Cobalt nodes. Cobalt can be mined starting at 345 by equipping the gloves with the +5 mining enchant. At 350, visit the trainer in Northrend. You can smelt Cobalt to 375 and start mining Cobalt which turns grey at 450. If you can discover another area, you can mine Saronite starting at 395 which greatly speeds things up, but, if you are extremely experience limited, you can mine Cobalt all the way up to 450.

    Two Rich Thorium Veins on a 15 minute timer are in Un’goro Crater in the center on Fire Plume Ridge. You’ll need an escort as there are some elementals that spawn around the area.

    There are also a number of other Rich Thorium Veins in Hive’Regal in Silithus on a similar timer, with a lot more mobs that would need to be cleared. There are more ore spawns and at any one time, three appear to be available every 20 minutes.

    If you are willing to be very patient, you can avoid the Outlands discovery for talking with your trainer, the 315-325 Fel Iron and the 340-350 Adamantite mining. Perhaps someone will be able to get mining 450 that previously didn’t think it was possible.

  4. cd34
    December 18th, 2008

    | 11:29 am

    I’ve created a page that shows Mining 1-450 with as few as two discoveries.

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