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Cooking from 375 to 450
Written by cd34.

After farming a ton of meat, fish and [item]43007[/item], I figured I would just do the grind to get to 450. There’s no real reason to go beyond 425, but, having 450 cooking sure feels good. As soon as you can, start doing the Daily Cooking Quest in Dalaran because you will need a ton of the spices. It takes 3 [item]43016[/item] to buy a recipe, and you can buy a stack of 10 [item]43007[/item] per token.

The first thing you need to do is get to cooking 400 or 405. Getting to 400 allows you to start cooking the Dalaran recipes, but, getting to 405 with green items is considerably cheaper.

From 375, you’ll want to stockpile [item]41802[/item]. They are very easy to get as there are pools all around the coastal regions of Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. They also fish pretty well from open water and are very plentiful. Once you get to 405 or so, the ONLY recipe you want to buy is [item]43033[/item]. In terms of the raw cost of fish, it takes one [item]41801[/item] per Northern Spice and turns grey at 450. Once you hit 425, you can get [item]43505[/item] or [item]43506[/item] for the novelty and to use a lot of the extra fish and meat, but, the Cuttlesteak will get you all the way to 450.

As a side bonus, Cuttlesteak sells extremely well on the auction house. To get from 405 to 450, it took roughly 200 Northern Spices. Since its probably too late for the world first, it probably isn’t worth paying much for those and you can just level over time.

Kaliope was on the WotLK beta and listed a method to get to 440, but, I believe that the fact that the Cuttlesteak stays green through 450 is important. If you have a lot of the Glacial Salmon, you can make the Firecracker Salmon which takes only 1 fish per northern spice, but, you’ll spend an extra 3 tokens getting the other recipe once Firecracker Salmon turns grey.

On Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog, here’s some of the article:

Getting to 400 in Cooking is fairly easy, just make any of the recipes from the trainer that are available at 350 skill. My only tip here would be to avoid recipes that require rhino or mammoth meat. You’ll just have to farm more of those later, so why make it worse now?

Remember, doing the Cooking Dailies requires Chilled Meat and for some of the quests, requires 4 or 12. Four Rhino Dogs are also needed for one of the quests. That’s great advice to follow.

If you do all of the fishing yourself, you’ll certainly hit 450 fishing. If you fish for the [item]41801[/item] yourself, even with 555 fishing buffed, I still get the occasional miss. A flying mount or levitate/waterwalking/path of frost is an absolute benefit for fishing these as you can position yourself on the glaciers around the pools that spawn in the Frozen Sea. From Una’pe, head straight out from the dock with your Track Fish enabled and you’ll see the pools. Its a lonely zone with rarely anyone in there other than people taking the taxi from Una’pe to Dragonblight.

It was a tough grind.

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  1. cd34
    February 11th, 2009

    | 6:46 pm

    In 3.0.8, Gigantic Feast and Small Feast were changed so that they are yellow all the way to 450, resulting in a lot less frustration.

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