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What did you say? Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin shorthand
Written by cd34.

In Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, communications can be the key, but, sometimes people don’t know what some of the terms mean. These aren’t authoritative terms, but, they are what many in our battlegroup have come to use when they type.

D = Defense
O = Offense

Warsong Gulch

efc = Enemy Flag Carrier
etun = Enemy Tunnel
eramp = Enemy Ramp
egy = Enemy Graveyard
efr = enemy flag room

fc = flag carrier
tun = your tunnel
ramp = your ramp
gy = graveyard
fr = flag room

mid = midfield

Arathi Basin

gm = Gold Mine/Mine
bs = Blacksmith
farm = Farm
stab = Stables
lm = Lumber Mill

The trick to either Warsong or Arathi is to call out the info quickly.

When your flag is taken and the carrier is going out the tunnel, say: efc tun. Or, if they are leaving out the graveyard side, efc gy or efc ramp if they are going the other way. If you run D in the fr, you might say, 3 inc tun to let people know what is coming up. Even if you are midfield and can’t slow/kill the person, sometimes even shammy inc ramp can let the people in the flag room know that they should expect a shammy to drop in from the 2nd floor or come in through the entrance near your gy.

When you are running Arathi Basin, it is good to call out the incoming attackers early, and, give enough information that people can respond. It is much better to say, inc 3 farm from bs than to say ‘help’. Knowing where the attackers are coming from can allow other players to intercept and delay the attackers until reinforcements can get there. Many times, a few second delay can at least allow a defender to respawn and potentially save the flag.

Good communication wins games.

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