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Northrend Alchemy Research
Written by cd34.

When you reach alchemy 400, you are given a recipe that you can make every 7 days which allows you to learn a non-trainable potion. The recipe takes 12 Goldclover, 12 Adder’s Tongue, 4 Talandra’s Rose, 4 Tiger Lily and 4 Enchanted Vials. Unlike Inscription Research, you don’t get any item when you do the research.

My first discovery was Powerful Rejuvenation Potion which restores 2475-4125 mana and health and is usable at level 70. I do not believe you need the expansion pack to use the potions, so, people still playing the Burning Crusade Expansion pack can go into the level 70 instances with mana potions that are quite a bit nicer than the previous ones.

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