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It’s Happy Hour Somewhere
Written by cd34.

Go to a Major City, look for the Bartender in the Inn:

* Refreshing Spring Water
* Melon Juice
* Moonberry Juice
* Sweet Nectar
* Ice Cold Milk
* Morning Glory Dew
* Skin of Dwarven Stout
* Jug of Bourbon
* Flask of Port
* Flagon of Mead
* Bottle of Pinot Noir

Shattrath – Scryer or Aldor, inside the Inn is a Food and Drink Vendor

* Filtered Draenic Water
* Purified Draenic Water

Coffee Vendor near the Battlemasters

* Black Coffee

Boots, Boom Master Mixologist, Area 52

* Cherry Grog
* Don Carlos Tequilla

Ogri’la, Blades Edge

* Bash Ale
* Dos Ogris


* Cenarion Spirits

Keepers of Time, Durnholde Keep

* Sparkling Southshore Cider
* Southshore Stout
* Rumsey Rum Black Label
* Stouthammer Light
* Cheap Beer

Should you have problems getting some of these, mages can conjure many different types of water which do count. Southshore Stout is Soulbound.

The above list contains 24 relatively easy to obtain drinks around the world to get this quick achievement.

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