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‘I Am Legend’ comes to Cho’gall
Written by cd34.

Patch Tuesday, the biggest MMORPG patch in history came on Oct 14th. While it was not without its glitches, world crashes, server rollbacks, etc, it did provide quite a bit of humor and frustration as people tried out Inscription, herb prices went absolutely crazy and the servers lagged quite a bit over the last two days. But, all was not lost. Overall they had some minor problems — I cannot believe noone on the PTR tried to use a flying mount (I’m sure they did, the bug never got identified or fixed, but, was reported prior to release).

Most of the day yesterday was absolutely crazy. Arathi Highlands became a very dangerous area for those questing that got in the way of the 70s that were farming the herbs for inscription. At one point, the alliance had a 15 man force preventing people from entering the Hinterlands from either the flight path or the entrance to get the coveted Ghost Mushrooms and Sungrass, both of which are used in inscription. Ghost Mushrooms hit a peak of 7g each on our server, and, they were selling quite rapidly.

However, on the 14th during one of the many crashes I took a few screenshots of Orgrimmar that reminded me of the movie ‘I Am Legend’.

All in all, it went smoother than I expected. I knew Tuesday would be bad and Wednesday was much better. So far today, short of a few interface/UI issues and addon’s that had to be disabled, gameplay seems about the same.

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  1. toybreaker
    October 17th, 2008

    | 3:03 pm

    funny. i am on cho’gall as well. at one point no flight paths or portals were working so i deced to check the dark portal. I started running from Shatt all the way there and quickly realized in Zanga there were no mobs and I could still see and was able to type in /2 in the middle of Hellfire….that was a trip. then the portal just came into site and still no mobs around and POOF server crash (or reboot). when it cam back some 30 minutes later i was still standing in Shatt 🙂

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