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Shattered Sun Dailies
Written by cd34.

If you want to make a bit of cash and grind rep with the Shattered Sun for some rather cool items, here’s the order of the quests that you want to do:

Go to Shattrath and grab the following quests

The Multiphase Survey
Sunfury Attack Plans
Gaining the Advantage (Requires a gathering skill, Skinning, Mining or Herbalism)
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal

Travel to Isle of Quel’Danas using the portal in Shattrath or your Faction’s Flight Path.

From the portal, grab the following quests from the building you zone in.

Know Your Ley Lines
The Air Strikes Must Continue
The Battle Must go On

Walk east and get, Your Continued Support (costs 10G, you’ll make this back with 1 quest, 250 rep)

Go East to the next building and grab the following quests in the next building.

Keeping the Enemy at Bay
Crush the Dawnblade
Don’t Stop Now…
Ata’mal Armaments

Go North to the Inn and grab the following quests.

Rediscovering Your Roots
Open For Business

Go out of the Inn to the East on the boat and grab:

Disrupt the Greengill Coast

Go west to the last building and grab the following quests:

Further Conversions
Arm the Wards

Once you obtained all of the quests, go to the boat/flight path. The first quest you’ll want to do is the Airstrike. Talk with Ayren Cloudbreaker and take “I’ve been ordered to undertake an airstrike.” Make sure you have the ‘Starshards’ icon on your bar for quick bombing. Make sure you’re not mounted when you talk with him or it will prevent you from flying.

Talk with him again and take “I need to intercept the Dawnblade Reinforcements.” Have the ‘Elemental Fire’ icon on your bar and aim for the sails of the ships. After you have done that, it will drop you on one of the boats to kill 6 Reservists. Talk to the Dragonhawk on the boat you landed on for a ride back.

Head to the beach on the right after you land, kill the Erratic Sentries, loot them, then use the Attuned Crystal Core on it to convert 5 of them. While in that area kill the Wretched Fiends for the Mana Remnants and look around for the Bloodberry Bushes. When you walk past a Crystal Ward, click the 4 Remnants to get credit for that quest.

After that, head back a little west and get your Summoners, Blood Knights and Marksmen. As you get the Summoners, fight your way into the building to take the ley line reading ‘using’ the crystal. Clear out the Knights and continue heading east.

After the Knights, Summoners and Marksmen, head a little more east and get your six Demons, make sure you take the ley line reading off the portal, and plant the banner in the ‘Emisary of Hate’. You don’t need to be the one that actually killed him to plant the banner.

Now, its time to head to The Greengill Coast to finish up the quests on the Isle.

Kill Darkspine Siren’s which drop the Orb of Murlock Control. You’ll need three or four of them. Use the Orbs of Murlock control to free the murlocks, kill Darkspine Myrmadon’s to get the darkspine keys to unlock the chests to get the three Darkspine Iron Ore.

Turn in the following quests:
Disrupt the Greengill Coast (Boat), Open For Business (Inn), Don’t Stop Now (anvil outside eastern building), Keeping the Enemy at Bay and Crush the Dawnblade (building next to anvil), Know your Ley Lines, The Air Strikes must Continue, The Battle must go on (central building south of Inn), Arm the Wards and Further Conversions (westernmost building)

At this point its time, hearth back to Shattrath City. If you have the gathering quest, turn it in just west of the Flightmaster for Shattrath. Mount up and fly East to Hellfire Peninsula’s border of Terrokar Forest just North of Razorthorn Shelf to Razorthorn Rise. After this, fly to Falcon Watch or your Alliance Flight Path and up to Thrallmar or the Alliance Flight path near the Throne of Kil’Jaeden for the next quest.

Grab Blood for Blood and Blast the Gateway from Magistrix Seyla. Do those two quests and turn them in.

Now, take the Flight Path to Area 52, Netherstorm and kill the Sunfury Blood Elves for the Sunfury attack Plans. You might want to figure out which ones to kill based on some of the recipes that drop for various professions as there are some specific, tradeskill-only loot drops for some ‘rare’ patterns.

After you’ve obtained the plans, head back to Area 52 and fly to Evergrove, Blades Edge Mountains. Mount up and head to Bash’ir Landing, kill the Unbound Etherials until you get your Bash’ir Phasing Device. Use it, then, loot the Smuggled Mana Cells. Collect 10, mount up and fly back to Evergrove.

Now, fly to Nagrand and down to Oshu’gun. Equip your Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles and collect the samples.

Take the flight path to Altar of Shatar or Sanctum of the Stars and head to the Black Temple to get the 5 Ata’mal Armaments. After you’ve gotten these, fly to Shattrath City and turn in Sunfury Attack Plans, Maintaining the Sunwell Portal and The Multiphase Survey.

Go through the Sunwell Portal, go to the anvil and cleanse the Armaments, and turn that quest in. Use the scroll that was given earlier as a reward to return to Shattrath City.

Quest Rewards:

Open For Business – 11g 99s – Bloodberry Elixir – 250 rep
Disrupt the Greengill Coast – 11g 99s – 250 rep
Don’t Stop Now… – 11g 99s – 250 rep
Keeping the Enemy at Bay – 7g 59s – 250 rep
Crush the Dawnblade – 11g 99s – 250 rep
Know your Ley Lines – 11g 99s – 250 rep – Scroll of Teleportation to Shattrath City
The Air Strikes Must Continue – 9g 10s – 150 rep
The Battle Must Go On – 10g 10s – 250 rep
Arm the Wards – 9g 10s – 150 rep
Further Conversions – 9g 10s – 150 rep
Blood for Blood – 11g 99s – 250 rep – 5 signets of your choice
Blast the Gateway – 10g 50s – 250 rep – Shattered Sun Supplies
Sunfury Attack Plans – 10g 10s – 250 rep – Shattered Sun Supplies
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal – 10g 10s – 250 rep – Shattered Sun Supplies
The Multiphase Survey – 9g 10s – 150 rep
Ata’mal Armaments – 18g 28s – 350 rep – Blessed or Righteous Weapon Coating
Rediscovering Your Roots – 13g 88s – 350 rep – Shattered Sun Supplies

Gathering Quest:
Gaining the Advantage – 16g 39s – 250 rep – Major Rejuvenation Potion

Without considering the Gathering quest, you’ll bring in 188g 89s minus the 10 gold you spent on the first quest and 4200 rep for the round of dailies. If you did the gathering quest as well, you’re able to earn 4450 rep per day.

All in all, as far as a rep grind goes, its not as bad as you might think. The 85g spent on [item]29193[/item] is a bargain for the stamina and resilience. Some of the other reward items are obtained at Exalted which are also quite nice. The necklaces are a pretty good deal by the time you hit exalted. The 4-5 days it will take to get through Revered to Exalted make these rewards easy to obtain. All of your reputation can be gathered without having to do any instances — which means that you can obtain some relatively good gear without having to PUG or be involved in a guild.

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