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Computer warriors pay geek mercenaries to fight their wars for them
Written by cd34.

Andy Crowther used to have time to play a lot of computer games. Not any more. At 33, he is now a supermarket manager in North London and has a girlfriend.

Despite the intrusion of real life, Mr Crowther still enjoys slaughtering hordes of monsters and capturing treasure in online games such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies. But, like increasing numbers of gamers, he no longer has endless hours to earn the “virtual gold” needed to buy weapons and upgrades which make the game more fun. Luckily for him, 400,000 geeks, mostly in East Asia, are available for hire at the click of a button.

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What do you think? I know plenty of people buy their way into the 70s and have talked with people that have paid real dollars for a 2250 rating. I’ve also seen the farmers on and the GliderBots running around and its frustrating when you’re trying to farm mats for an item or to make some cash. Technically, if you kill a farmer multiple times, you’re griefing. Same if you steal their kills or train mobs over them. Are they creating their own economy by forcing you to buy the gold to get the items that they’ve farmed?

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