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Horde and AB
Written by cd34.

Normally Horde on Rampage is quite disorganized. Everyone wants to be on that leading edge, and noone wants to defend. Sometimes we’ll get a few that defend and stick on a node and we’ll end up pulling a win. This game, we started, everyone rushed BS and LM leaving Farm undefended — which we lost minutes later. After that, Alliance zerged LM and took that. Twice they had 5 capped, everyone was rezzing at BS or the start point and it really threw the dynamics of the game off. Even while healing away, I managed to recap the BS flag twice. While I hate losing, I did enjoy this game a lot. I ended up in another AB with many of the same people and we worked together and won.

Pugging is definitely harder, but, I like the challenge. Even though you don’t always win, learning to cope with difficult situations helps greatly under stress. So many times, we’ll see the game chat and a few people will have already given up and the game slides into a sure loss.

There were some epic battles in this match as you can see from the damage. While they kept sending people to take BS, we never relented and held onto that one node.

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