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562k healing, 525 honor, 42 minutes
Written by cd34.

I’m a Holy Priest that became a Battle Healer. I’ve not done arena, but, I earned my welfare epics through honor and marks. I enjoy AV as it keeps me on my Undead toes. I use Grid and swear by it. I’ve talked with people that use x-perl, but, Grid was more compact, had the modules I needed (though, I never got the LOS module to work properly) and was insanely easy to use in AV.

In a normal raid, its easy to group people around you for your benefit. Shammy with the /hug Mana Spring in your same group. Sometimes a Shadow Priest returning mana to the pool, but, most often, its up to me to keep as many people alive as long as I can, figure out a way to drop out of combat, drink, and get back in. Its a challenge to keep healing people efficiently with as few overheals as possible. As I often tell people:

You do as much damage when you are at 20% health as you do at 100%

I heal as much as I can, as quickly as I can, and slap renews on warlocks (yes, I’m that kind of healer). Nothing pleases me more than to see the +800 renew ticks on a warlock with the Fel Armor up. And a healthy warlock is a DPSing warlock.

My general routine is, leave the cave, head to Bal and get set up, healing the tank and the other unlucky souls who drew too much aggro, fading and asking people to tank the elemental so the healer doesn’t die, tossing out the Shadow Fiend once in a while and keeping as many people alive as I can. I’ve lost very few tanks on Bal — one memorable one was a 63 in greens — horribly undergeared, but, I kept him alive for quite a while and he died right before Bal did.

I used to screenshot my over 300k healing games, then decided that over 500k was my new goal. I’ve done some crazy healing in a number of AVs, this is just one more.

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