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During the Bound with Wood Quest
Written by cd34.

During the Bound with Wood Quest, the ingame quest item tracker didn’t have the item text next to the quantity counter.


Do not localize
Written by cd34.

Keep things very general, don’t localize!

Actually, it appears that a message regarding translation made it through to the game.


World of Warcraft using IPv6
Written by cd34.

Logged into World of Warcraft the other day and noticed that the status screen showed it was using IPv6


Debug info shows up on top of screen during instance
Written by cd34.

While leveling Qwaitxeleven, I was in Blackrock Depths and some debug info started to show up at the top of the screen.

Disgusting Oozeling drops in Silithis
Written by cd34.

While questing in Silithis on a Monk, one of the Ooze covered bags contained the Disgusting Oozeling.

Calyeth, level 90, decides to continually gank a level 42 monk
Written by cd34.

Calyeth from Bleeding Hollow decided to make it a mission to kill me several times while I was questing in Ferelas, to the point where I moved to Thousand Needles to and I was followed there and killed a few times – once, immediately after rezzing.

The Guild name was classic, ‘Yo Girl Loves My PvPness’. I guess PvP means attacking toons that are 45+ levels below you. Well, you were successful.

Cindershock, a level 90 Shaman from Stormreaver can’t one-shot a level 41 monk
Written by cd34.

Cho’gall has been relatively devoid of an Alliance presence for a while. So much so that as a Horde questing, it is rare to see any alliance toons. With the cross-realm areas, we have seen more Alliance, but, typically we still get the ones that can’t

Cindershock, a recent level 90 Shaman, obviously questing in Hinterlands, tries to one-shot a level 41 monk, but, fails.

I guess it is more than just gear that makes a player good. The irony is, he was wearing some PVP gear when he attempted to one-shot me.

Easter Egg References
Written by cd34.

While collecting eggs for the Noble title, I noticed a reference to Pink Floyd and a funny dialog:

Brevisano Statistics
Written by cd34.

While looking through the Blizzard Statistics page for Brevisano, I noticed a few odd things.

Max Heal Received and Max Heal Cast – even with 202 spellpower, he’s a monster:

And my Warsong wins – 14 played, 12 wins.

Brevisano the Noble
Written by cd34.

One of the few Holiday Events that a 20 Trial account can complete, and, it comes with a Title. Cho’gall is not a realm that is friendly for the Alliance, so, this one was particularly difficult. In addition, the Alliance population is quite small, so, finding the Alliance level 18+ accounts was almost as difficult as getting the Horde accounts.

Most of the achievements were easy. Had I done a little planning, I would have died at the crater rim above the lake in Un’Goro crater as I found out you can’t lay the eggs while swimming. After I got the rest of the achievements, I ran to Orgrimmar, hid behind a building, found my first target, mounted up and ran to get the bunny ears on a Female Tauren. I was killed rather quickly, but, with a corpse walk back, I had time to find the next female race that I needed. I would rez, put the bunny ears on, get killed rather quickly, and, walk back.

The last thing I needed was a Female Troll, so, had one targeted, rezzed, got the achievement, bam, dead. 🙂

As a trial account, the hardest part was being turned into a rabbit for the Un’Goro achievement – I ran an instance and had someone transform me at the end, and I had queued up from Un’Goro Crater. Other than that, most of the achievements were fairly straightforward.

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