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5 Daily Quests Complete

While leveling Jamespond over the weekend, doing a quest that led into a daily that resulted in doing the same quest over again for experience seemed like a simple way to earn more experience and a little cash. It also resulted in getting an achievement for doing 5 Daily Quests.

The Snows of Northrend

After doing all of the Hemet Nessingwary quests in Northrend, Jamespond was granted this achievement.

The Empire of Zul’drak

Jamespond leveled in Zul’drak and finished 100 quests in Zul’drak to earn this achievement.

Of Blood and Anguish

Jamespond finished the Zul’drak ‘Ring of Blood’ quest and ended up with the [item]41822[/item]. As a balance spec druid, I ended up healing and only ran out of mana on one of the fights. No deaths, achievement earned, success.

Explore Zul’drak

While leveling Jamespond up to 80, again while doing the ‘taxi’ quest during the quest chain that has you doing favors, Zul’drak was completely discovered.

200 Daily Quests Complete

While doing the dailies in Zul’Drak for Argent Crusade Rep, cdthirtyfive hit the 200th Daily Quest and received the achievement.

200 Daily Quests Complete

cdthirtyfive, while doing the dailies to get Argent Crusade reputation hit the 200 daily quest mark. The only dailies I do are the 5 Argent Crusade ones in Zul’drak, and occasionally I will do the one in Icecrown. In addition, I was trying to get the Chef title so, I do the Cooking daily in […]


Herbskinner escorted Qwaitxfour on a number of quests that took him into ZF. It was a pretty quick run, all five quests were completed and we killed the final boss for the achievement.

Master in First Aid – Grand Master in First Aid

cdthirtyfive used up a ton of runecloth and netherweave powerleveling First Aid while searching the world for cooking recipes that were missed over time.

50 Emblems of Heroism

cdthirtyfive doesn’t run too many instances, so, it takes a while to earn the Emblems of Heroism. After running VOA-10, I looted my 50th Emblem and earned the achievement.

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